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- Why did I recieve extra parts that I didnt order? Do I need to return them?

Nope, not at all. Sometimes while I’m working on orders, some parts don’t turn out the way they should. So I try it again to make it better and include both of them. Maybe you could use it on another custom project by fixing it up. Sometimes there are several things on the work desk that may need a little work or nothing at all and don’t plan to sell it, so they get thrown into the order package in hopes you will have some use for it later on. So these items are yours to keep and use.

- Can these parts be primed?

Absolutely! once you do the prep work to your liking.

- Can sculpting putty be used to cover the parts?

Yes, they can be covered or partly covered using most sculpting 2 part putty. The Sculpy brand may take a tiny bit of work to get it to adhere to the part good enough to work with. I personally use a tiny drop of superglue to the area that i'm putting Sculpty on, if I have to use that putty. But most customizers use actual sculpting compound like Aves because it cures hard and not as brittle as the Sculpy putty is when cured.

- Can the parts be bent into slightly different positions?

They can but you may take a chance on snapping the part. Just put the part in a very hot cup of water for about a minute or 2 and then take it out and bend it to the position desired very slowly. You may have to do the process a couple times until you get it good enough to your prefered position.

- How do I put the kits together with no joint connectors?

That part is up to you. I personally just use super glue as I dont intend to change poses. Sometimes I use little earth magnets tapped into the connecting areas if posing would be intended.

- My oder came in a bubble mailer, how come?

Sometimes a few small head castings in a single order may be mailed out in a bubble mailer instead of a small box. In this case I always include a few extra suprise parts to offset the shipping that was charged automatically.

- Can you do commission custom work for me?

Yes I can but only if time permits me to at that given moment and also depends on what you are asking me to make. Sometimes I'm booked up with a few already and I dont like to take on more than I can handle as it takes time for each custom to be created and may push other custom orders back on time. So I'm always up front with how long it may take to complete anything inquired that is fair to me and fair to you. Please keep in mind that this is my hobby and not my job.

- How come you charge more to make a female animated style custom figure? Why don't you like to make them?

I have a long history of not enjoying painting them because of the petite detail involved on some of them. So it takes me longer to make due to me getting older and the steady hand isnt always active when I need it on a smaller scale. I am very satified with them once they are done, just not actually the process. Sometimes I forward potential clients to a couple other customizers I work with as they would do the characters better justice than I would in characters with higher than norm details.

- Will you paint a kit from your store if i bought it?

Of course I will if time permits me to for the extra paint charge to do so. Just contact me.



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