Quick/Easy Cleanup

Identify all the flaws in the castings. here is a pic of a nice little hole in the leg that needs fixing along with a few little imperfections. I used some black sculpy to fill and smooth out. this is done to all parts before putting the parts in hot water to cure.

some divot holes are on the back of the coat that needs fixing.

now that I have cured the fixes and sanded each part, I notice there are a few more tiny ones that i don’t like. spotted superglue in the tiny divots and put a tiny bit a sculpy into them and smooth them out with my finger. the superglue acts a a hardener while securing the sculpy without the need to place them back into hot water to cure. once the superglue is dry, then sand.

here it is all fixed up.

now all parts are cleaned up and ready to paint.

here is a couple pics of the figure painted that just needs to have the arms put on before dull coating.

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