About Me

I have been customizing and creating animated style action figures for some time now under the shield of Stew’s Customs.  This new site design is a sleek style gallery of all my different type of creations with simplicity in mind for easy navigation for visitors and easier for me to update with custom content that everyone likes to see. Since creating JLU type custom characters over the years, my painting technique translates into other action figure styles as my collections grow.

I have worked with some of the best customizing talents over the years since entering the hobby like Casimir of Inanimate Objects, 37 Customs, The Guff, Greatwhite, Geek Variety and several others. Being inspired to push my limits in the hobby not only by painting and sculpting but also molding and casting my own parts to use.

You can check out more about me in this interview


I hope you enjoy the gallery and would be inspired to make your own.

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